Program description
It feels good to pass on what we know and to see others benefit from it.  - The Let’s Teach for Hungary program is a complex professional program, which was launched on December 5, 2018 in cooperation with László György PhD then State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Zita Horváth, then State Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources, and Gabriella Hajnal, president of the Klebelsberg Center, with the involvement of the National Conference of Student Self-Governments.
The Let’s Teach for Hungary program aims to provide support to children living in small settlements in choosing a career, getting to know the world of work and usefully spending their free time. The task of the mentors standing next to them is to show them the excitement and possibilities of the world beyond the settlement - high schools, businesses, so that they can see how many different occupations and futures they can choose from. In 2023, the program is present in more than 110 elementary schools nationwide. With more than 1,100 mentors studying in 17 higher education institutions, with more than 4,700 mentees, we prove that every child is talented in something, you just have to discover this quality.
From March 2023, the Let’s Teach for Hungary program, as part of the National Talent Center, in cooperation with the Teach for Hungary Foundation, will continue peer mentoring across the country.
The Let’s Teach for Hungary program its goal is that by 2030 every child in primary school has at least a profession or further education.

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